Finally summer, finally spending long evenings outside with friends and listening to music.
Who does not think about festivals at the same time? A lot of colorful glitter, beer pong and an endless tent landscape? What often remains after a festival are huge mountains of garbage. Plastic waste!
But can not this plastic waste be avoided at festivals?

We’ve got 7 ways on how to reduce plastic waste at your next festival and replace your most important needs for your festival adventure with sustainable gadgets.

Less plastic on festivals

1. Replace your plastic & cardboard tableware
Grill it, eat something quickly and then throw the plastic dishes in the trash. Cooking is so easy at the festival. It will be more sustainable if you replace the disposable tableware and take washable dishes with you instead. This will cost you a bit more effort, but saves a lot of garbage.

2. Bring refillable water bottles
At almost every festival site you can now fill in drinking water for free. So instead of carrying the big plastic bottles by the liter, take a drinking bottle made of metal, bamboo or something similar (no glass!) And fill up your fresh water again and again directly on site. This saves garbage, costs and a lot of carrying. Perfect!

3. Buy a high quality tent
You go to festivals regularly? Then it makes sense to spend a little more and buy a high-quality tent, where you have several years of fun and which you do not just leave on the campsite.
Every year, hundreds of tons of garbage come together only with retarded tents.
Be nice and use your tent more than once.

4. Prepare your purchase properly
Try to buy as much fresh as possible, unpacked and so that you can prepare great snacks and meals for the whole weekend.
The right purchase in advance saves a lot of money at the festival and at the same time also a lot of plastic waste by doing without to-go products.
Also take a lunch box or something with you, so you can pack some snacks and recharge your batteries while dancing.

5. Give up glitter & CO.
Glitter … lots of glitter and sparkles are a must and part of a decent festival? You can buy the colorful glitter in sustainable and made of biodegradable material. So, if you do not want to do without glittering, look for the plastic-free alternative and use it to cover your festival summer.

6. Bamboo straws instead of plastic straw
Admittedly, we do not necessarily like to drink at large events from each cup and now and then prefer a straw. In order to do without plastic, we recommend that you pack the sustainable bamboo alternative. You can use bamboo straws again and again, clean them from the inside with a small brush and you can easily take them to the festival area. With the variant made of glass, there may be problems here, since there is glass ban on most festival grounds.

7. Plastic-free body hygiene
Last but not least, you can also save on cosmetics in terms  personal hygiene. Whether washcloths instead of disposable make-up wipes, plastic-free creams and homemade deodorant or our DENTTABS made of 100% natural ingredients. In terms of cosmetics and a plastic-free body hygiene, there are now many sustainable alternatives that make perfect at the festival.
You can count our DENTTABS very easily and take exactly as many as you need for your festival weekend. Bamboo toothbrush and here we go on a weekend full of pleasure.

Do you have any more tips for a plastic-free festival? Then let us know in the comments.

We wish you a fantastic festival summer.
Stay plastic-free, live sustainably and have fun.

Your DENTTABS team