Gives you the life lemons, make a juice from it and from the peels a powerful cleaner. That’s what mommy said. Anyway, we know that lemon is great for streak-free cleaning of surfaces.
The power of lemon is therefore also in many commercial cleaners for kitchen and bathroom. But why buy the expensive cleaning products, if you can make a powerful lemon peel cleaner even yourself. 100% natural – inexpensive and still efficient!
We’ll tell you which three ingredients you need for your cleaner and secret dirt weapon and how to make the DIY lemon cleaner.

Lemons, oranges and limes land are key fruits in every kitchen  and are processed to cakes, juice, sauces or other delicacies. What’s left are peels.
What most of us immediately throw away, can still be recycled perfectly and turned into a powerful cleaner for kitchen and bathroom.
Yes: Citrus fruits can be used to make household cleaners and turned into miracle weapons that help against unpleasant odors.


What you need for your powerful DIY lemon cleansing:

– the peels of lemons, limes and / or oranges
– vinegar 10% or vinegar essence
– (distilled) water

– A glass jar for preparing the mixture
– an old spray bottle or glass bottle with spray head for decanting

How to make your DIY Lemon Cleaner

Step 1:
First put the peels in a screw jar so that they fill the glass well.
Depending on the quantity of your citrus peels, you take a small or large jar for this purpose.

Step 2:
Now fill the glass with vinegar so that the peels are completely covered and no air remains in the glass.

Step 3:
Let the mixture stand for 1 to 2 weeks. Then you can carefully pour the liquid into a spray bottle and fill up with (distilled) water in 1:1 ratio.
The result is a powerful lemon cleaner, which you can use versatile in the kitchen and bathroom to clean shelves.
The cleaner is also perfect for streak-free cleaning of windows.

Extra tip:
Basically, the amount of lemon peel is not quite relevant. The more peels you have, the more cleaner you can apply.
It is only important that you fill a suitable glass with trays so that it is well stocked and you can infuse it completely with vinegar.

You should be careful on particularly delicate surfaces such as marble, granite and wood surfaces. Here, the citrus – vinegar mixture might be too strong on the delicate materials.

Did you know that you can also use the citrus fruits in many other ways to replace household cleaners?
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We hope you enjoy making your own. Let’s be more#sustainable.

Your DENTTABS team