When we talk about being sustainable in everyday life and in the household, the main thing is to reduce unnecessary chemicals and plastics. Cleaning can be sustainbale too and even the grandma knew that there are good, natural home remedies for cleaning and we don’t need aggressive chemicals for each spot. In the service of sustainability, we give you an easy DIY for plastic-free toilet tabs made of soda and citric acid today. The toilet tabs are natural, vegan cleaners for your toilet, which you can do yourself quickly. Safe money and be friendly to the environment.
Wenn wir davon sprechen nachhaltig im Alltag und im Haushalt zu sein, dann geht es vor allem darum, auf unnötige Chemiekeulen und Plastik zu verzichten. Putzen geht auch umweltfreundlich und schon die Oma wusste, dass es zum Reinigen gute, natürliche Hausmittel gibt und wir nicht für jeden Fleck auf die Chemiekeule zurückgreifen müssen. Im Dienste der Nachhaltigkeit geben wir dir heute ein easy DIY für einen plastikfreien WC Reiniger aus Natron und Zitronensäure mit an die Hand. Die WC Tabs sind natürliche, vegane Reiniger für deine Toilette, die du schnell und vor allem sehr kostengünstig selbst machen kannst.

The backside of many (plastic!) packaging of the household cleaners make it clear:
Toxic – Corrosive – Highly flammable – Harmful – the symbols speak for themselves.
Why do we choose chemical bombs when it is so simple to make your own enviromental friendly cleaners yourself?
The self-made, natural cleaners for kitchen, bathroom and floors work without any chemical additives, are produced quickly and with their few ingredients extremely cost-effective.


Make toilet cleaner from soda yourself

For natural toilet cleaners you need exactly three ingredients: water, bicarbonate and citric acid.
For a particularly fresh fragrance, you can also add a few drops of essential oil. Please be very sparing, because these are not necessarily healthy for our environment in larger quantities.
In addition, essential oil does not contribute to the cleaning effect, but only to the fresh scent.

You need about 15 tabs:

300gr of bicarbonate
120gr citric acid powder
3 teaspoons of water (per 100gr of soda 1 teaspoon !!!)
6 drops of essential oil (Lemon)

– a bowl for mixing
– a whisk or a similar stirring tool
– a kitchen scale or measuring cup with gram indication
– Silicone molds or a ice scoop spoon
– A sheet for curing the tabs

Note: It is important that you pay attention to the quantities and the order. For the best results and the consistency of your mass, it is important that you stick to the guidelines.

Step 1:
First weigh the 300 grams of bicarbonate and put it in your bowl.
Then add 3 teaspoons of water to the soda and stir together until a kind of moist “sand” is formed.

Attention: Per 100gr of soda you only need 1 teaspoon of water. If you want to create more tabs, you will need to adjust the amount accordingly. If you use too much water, the mass will become too pasty and you will have difficulty processing it.

Step 2:
Now add 100 grams of citric acid powder and optionally the 5-6 drops of essential oil and stir the mass again vigorously.
Then you can press the mass in molds and lay out for curing on a baking sheet. We used an ice cream spoon for this purpose as it works perfectly.


Step 3:
The tabs must be completely  dry and cure for about 30 minutes. Then you can transfer and store the tabs in an airtight container with a lid.

If you like our idea sustainable, then share this DIY with your friends, family, and / or followers, so that they can be more sustainable in their homes too.

We hope you will enjoy.
We look forward to your suggestions, questions and your feedback on the topic of sustainability in the household and everyday life. Maybe you have special ideas and wishes that we can share here ?!
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Your DENTTABS team